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My mission is to educate, equip and empower you with knowledge about the overwhelming scientific evidence that supports the health-protecting power of using food as medicine.

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Hi, I'm Lorna, I'm going to help you transform your life with a whole food plant based diet.

I am a plant based nutritional therapist, iridologist, living foods instructor and master herbalist in training.  My special interest is using plant based whole foods for weight loss and optimum performance whether it's in the sports field or board room. 

What Is Plant Based Nutrition?

Plant Based Nutrition is healing with plant based whole foods; foods that are complete and nutrient dense in their natural state, that contain balanced ratios of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, and other vital nutrients in their most natural state and are not altered, stripped or refined in any way so that our bodies can break them down and utilize them for maximum energy and help us reach our optimal health.
Most people consume highly processed and refined foods that accelerate the rates of obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Obesity and type 2 diabetes in adults and children has become a national epidemic primarily due to 'non foods'.  These 'non foods' have become so commonplace that people often don’t see them for what they truly are. They think these artificial food substances are actually real foods.
I want to educate you!  My programs provide you with the latest clinical studies, cutting edge science and proven methods to empower you to achieve optimal health and take control of their own life!


My Journey

My own health journey started when one day I stumbled upon a book that was to change my course forever. For the very first time I was introduced to the idea that so called 'normal' foods might not actually be healthful. I applied these new principles and began my journey towards a whole food plant based lifestyle.  And the results came quick.  The extra weight I was carrying (and as much as I tried could never get rid of) fell off, the eczema I suffered from childhood vanished and the asthma symptoms that started in my 20s which was getting progressively worse, significantly improved.   After this I was hooked on the concept of using 'food as medicine'. I started reading and learning about diet and lifestyle, and the way that these factors can help manage illnesses. I was incredibly inspired by what I was finding and decided to embark on a career to use this information to also help others. 
I now eat this way not just because of the way it makes me feel but because I LOVE IT!  Today my pantry and fridge are loaded with DELICIOUS nutritious foods that I never knew existed 10 years.  Looking back I can see there were two pivotal components driving my health transformation.  First of all I educated myself on what food can do for (or against!) my body and secondly I learned how to prepare simple delicious meals.
However I did encounter some pitfalls along the way.   I started by focusing on removing unwanted foods from my usual meals and initially didn't really know what to replace them with.  This approach was risky in that there was a high chance of getting bored and ultimately relied on willpower, a strategy which comes with a high risk of failure. Fortunately my insatiable desire for knowledge helped fuel my motivation and drove me to keep going.

 With that in mind I wanted to create health programs to give you what I didn't have when I started my journey to health.  


My programs are designed to ensure that you;

  1. Have the tools you need to create delicious plant based meals right from the start.
  2. Over a period of time be exposed to honest, practical information on health which is based on the very latest in nutritional science. 
  3. Have the support you need to help maintain and embed in your new lifestyle even long after you've finished the program.
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My Food Philosophy

When it comes to food, no one wants to be told what to eat.  But very often we don't realise that we are actually trapped by our food choices.  It is only when we have enough information on how food can help us live a better quality life and how to do it that we can break free from the old habits to truly enjoy our food and live better. 

The value of increasing knowledge in this area should not be underestimated.  Studies have shown that those who have higher levels of knowledge are more likely to have better quality diets.  My long career in the corporate world where I actively engaged in continuous professional and personal development has laid the foundations for this strong belief.  Education and support drive long term sustainable behavior changes!

Something else that I am constantly aware of is the misconception that healthy eating is a form of ‘diet’.  This is a complete myth.  A Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle is not an all-or-nothing approach, but a way of life that is tailored to each individual.  I focus on giving you the knowledge and tools you need to transform your health at a pace that works for you.  There's no counting calories, measuring portions or 'falling off the wagon'.  You won't diet or feel deprived but instead be able celebrate what food can do for your body and mind.

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“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need” 

(Ayurvedic proverb)