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8 Reasons Why Eating More Plants is Good for You

Did you know that YOU —more than you’ve ever realized — have the power to protect your health and prevent disease IF you are willing to learn about and embrace a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet. Click here to read my top 8 reasons to eat more plants;  

These 6 Steps Will Make You Lose Weight Without The Drama

Have you ever wondered why intelligent adults armed with all of the right information still struggle to make healthy choices? When I embraced the Plant Powered lifestyle, I was freed from that constant struggle, and wow, who doesn’t want that freedom?  Here’s my 6 step guide to achieving this for yourself;

How to Lose Weight: Avoid These 2 Mistakes and the ONE Thing You Need to Know

Fast and unhealthy weight loss is one of the most popular obsessions in our culture today. The pressure we put on ourselves to drop pounds fast is not only bad for our hearts and minds, but it also takes a toll on our bodies. If losing weight is your goal this article will tell exactly what no one ever did about how to lose weight for good. Click on the link;