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Your 8-week roadmap to sustainable weight loss that's about feeling, looking, and living great.




Create the lifestyle that'll help you lose that extra weight, once and for all.

Plant Powered Weight Loss is an 8-week, self-paced course that arms you with everything you need to transition to a plant-based lifestyle, focused specifically on overcoming your weight loss hurdles with superior nutrition that will transform your body. 

No dieting. No portion control. No deprivation.

Choose a lifestyle focused on what you can have; not what you can't.


How many promises have you made yourself that begin with "Once I lose weight, I'll..."?

It's time to stop postponing life while you watch the scale. Join Plant Powered Weight Loss now to: 

Lose weight, for good.

Stop the rollercoaster that happens each time you weigh in. Plant Powered Weight Loss is about learning to eat whole foods that help you burn weight, naturally. No more looking forward to bulky sweaters in winter -- you'll throw that summer dress on with confidence.

My promise: You'll never feel the need to "diet" again.

Eat delicious food without guilt. 

Give up the shame that comes with filling your plate with food that tastes as good as it looks. Plant Powered Weight Loss is all about creating a diet around whole foods that make you feel good in your own skin.

 My promise: You'll be amazed at how delicious -- and satiating -- a plant-based lifestyle can be. 

Live each day energized.

Healthy consumption of whole foods is proven to improve sleep and increase energy. Plant Powered Weight Loss students experience improved mood and decreased stress within three weeks -- and lifelong protection against chronic disease.

My promise: You can change your life by changing what's at the end of your fork.

Experience benefits beyond the scale.

Here's what other participants are saying about the program................

"When it comes to healthy living and eating, there are masses of books and commentators that can talk the talk; but Lorna can help you make it happen. After completing her course, I had the knowledge and confidence to embark on a healthier lifestyle with her easy to follow and practical guidelines. I can’t speak highly enough of this course and would recommend you give it a try. Lorna’s easy going nature and down to earth attitude makes it accessible to everyone."  

Paula G.

“After 3 weeks, I’ve lost both the weight I was carrying on my shoulders, and the weight I’ve been carrying in my gut. My mind feels clearer, my energy has much improved!”  

Margaret W. 

“This is the first time I've successfully completed any program, and I've tried so many. The protocol itself is easy to understand, completely manageable and ridiculously informative.  I've lost the weight I'd been carrying all of my life without feeling deprived. It’s changed my life!”   

Laura C.

“I’m down 15 lbs. and 4% body fat––and feeling great! What’s most remarkable is how grounded and more in touch I am with my emotions now that I am not stuffing them down with food and wine. I will be living this way for the rest of my life!”

Geri K.


The diets you've tried in the past? You haven't failed at them.

They've failed you. 

You're no stranger to dieting. But what do most diets have in common?

They're all about restrictions and eating less calories. 

You may lose weight in the short term -- but it's a system that wreaks havoc on your body's metabolism and hormones, throwing it into famine mode. It's unsustainable and unhealthy -- and your body naturally gains any weight lost right back once the restriction is removed.

With Plant Powered Weight Loss, you'll actually eat more. The difference? You'll be eating the right stuff for your body to work its magic.

Fresh smoothies. Energizing breakfast meals. Satisfying salads. Drool-worthy entrees. Delicious snacks. With Plant Powered Weight Loss, you’ll never go hungry, again -- and you’ll enjoy each and every meal without counting calories.

It's not a matter of 'if'...It's a matter of 'when.' Say yes to start living your best life today.

Get lifetime access to Plant Powered Weight Loss -->

How Plant Powered Weight Loss works

When you join Plant Powered Weight Loss, you'll get lifetime access to eight weeks' worth of easy-to-follow lessons, recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, videos, articles, podcasts, and a workbook to track your progress -- as well as an ongoing community of people on the journey with you.

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I get it...You've been trying to lose weight for years. What makes Plant Powered Weight Loss different?

For most people relying on popular diets, losing weight is an arduous task that seems never ending. 

It doesn't have to be so hard. Here are three essential elements behind Plant Powered Weight Loss that help people lose an average of 17 pounds* and 5.5% body fat** in just three weeks:

The method.

Plant Powered Weight Loss is a method focused on shifting what you eat instead of how much you eat. Plant Powered Weight Loss doesn't preach portion control or encourage deprivation. 

You can eat as much as you want of the recommended, nutrient-dense foods. You'll find yourself feeling satisfied for longer in no time.

The education.

Videos, articles, and podcasts give you the why behind the what, while step-by-step, comprehensive recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists will never have you wondering what to eat again.

Get the knowledge to guide your entire journey -- and to keep you from reverting back to old eating habits that keep you stuck.

The community.

When perfection stunts progress or you’re confused by what’s right from wrong, you need people around you embarking upon the same journey who can assure you you’re not alone.

Use your newfound, lifetime support group to get shopping tips, exchange recipes, ask me questions, and so much more.


Diets lead to temporary shifts -- for better, or worse. Plant Powered Weight Loss is a lifestyle transformation that leads to sustainable, permanent, and positive change in all aspects of your life.

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Don't find yourself stuck in the same place this time next week, next month, or next year...

Say yes to a lifelong transformation today.

When you join Plant Powered Weight Loss, you get:

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Lifetime access to a private membership site where new inspiring & motivating videos & articles will be released each week for the first 8 weeks

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All your recipes, menus, shopping lists, and your to-do list stored in one plane. All recipes are specially designed to promote weight loss. 

Copy of 3 what you get (1).png

Lifetime access to my online community for ongoing accountability and support

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Weekly cheat sheets to guide you on your daily decision making

5 what you get (1).png

Unlimited email support from me




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6 x doTERRA Certified Pure Theraputic Grade Essential Oils

Worth €125


A Wellness Consult With Me - To Kickstart Your 2019

Worth €65

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A Wholesale Account with doTERRA (so that you can replace your oils at wholesale price whenever you need to)

Worth €25



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Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend 15ml

  • Promotes healthy metabolism.

  • Helps manage hunger cravings.

  • Calms your stomach.

  • Lifts mood.

  • Diuretic-, stimulant-, and calorie-free.

  • Add to water or tea and drink before working out for a revitalizing energy boost.

  • Consume before meals to help control appetite and overeating.

peppermint-15ml copy (349x640).jpg

Peppermint 15ml

  • Rub on temples after you wake up for a morning energy boost.

  • Use when feeling fatigued or low on energy.

  • Helps reduce bloating & gas… from all the fibre you’re going to be eating!

  • Promotes easy breathing for optimum exercise.

  • Inhale for a non-stimulant, invigorating pick-me up.

  • Apply topically to relieve feelings of tension.

Lemon 15ml

  • Uplifting, energizing and may help to improve mood.

  • It naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion.

  • It promotes healthy functioning of the GI tract.

  • It supports healthy respiratory function.

  • It may help with seasonal respiratory discomfort.

  • Inhale lemon to promote a positive mood.

doterra-touch-motivate-10ml (135x420).jpg

doTERRA Motivate Touch 10ml

  • Promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief.

  • Counteracts negative emotions of doubt, pessimism, and cynicism.

forgive touch 3.jpg

doTERRA Forgive Touch 10ml

  • Promotes feelings of contentment, relief, and patience.

  • Counteracts negative emotions of anger and guilt.

doterra-touch-peace-10ml (135x420).jpg

doTERRA Peace Touch 10ml

  • Promotes feelings of peace, reassurance, and contentment.

  • Counteracts anxious and fearful emotions.



Hi, I'm Lorna. I've been where you are -- and I can't wait to help you get to where you're going.

137__0004  Use as profile.jpg

My own journey to plant-based eating was fueled by both my weight loss goals as well as family illnesses.

It kickstarted five years of study in plant-based nutritional therapy, iridology, living foods, and herbology -- and hundreds of hours counseling patients through transformations via dietary lifestyle, alone. 

Through this exact Plant Powered Weight Loss method, I've dropped two dress sizes for good while relieving lifelong asthma and eczema.

I know the frustrations of dieting; the feeling that there's not enough time; the disappointment of stepping on the scale and not seeing change. It's why I've made it my mission to help you see success in living a healthy life.


How soon can I get started?

Right away! Once you've hit the "Buy" button and submitted your payment, you'll receive an email with login credentials so you can dive right into the course material.

Do you guarantee results?

If you put the work in and make real changes in your diet and lifestyle, I guarantee that you'll see changes in how you look and feel. Having said that, everyone has different weight loss goals and different metabolisms. But I am here to help you meet your goals & will support you every step of the way far beyond the 8 weeks.

How do I know if PPWL is right for me?

Plant Powered Weight Loss is perfect for you if:

  • You're fed up with diets.
  • You battle with cravings & emotional eating.
  • Your weight is affecting your confidence & self-esteem.
  • You want to reach your ideal weight & stay there.
  • You want freedom from food.

What if I’m not a master chef?

I’m not, either. :) The recipes I’ll be sharing are designed for anyone to make, whether you’re brand new to the kitchen or your love of cooking spans decades. Simplicity is key!

I travel for work and/or have a busy schedule. Will I be able to do this?

Absolutely! You may have to plan ahead and do a little bit more weekend prep, but the recipes, meal plan, videos & articles were intended for busy, working people with full plates. And, you can always consult with me for recipe substitutions or meal plan alternatives when on the road. If need be, you can pause the program and pick it up on your own when you get back. Remember, you have lifetime access to it so you can experience it again and again. Keep in mind that because enrollment to this program is closing Saturday July 24th, this is the only time you can access it. Even if you can’t start it now, if you know you want to experience Plant Powered Weight Loss this year, grab it and start it when you’re ready.

Do I need special equipment?

A decent blender and a juicer would be wonderful, but not necessary. Otherwise the recipes only require standard kitchen gear.

What if I’m allergic to certain foods?

No worries! Luckily, this plan avoids many of the major food allergens, like fish, shellfish, dairy and eggs. And most recipes are gluten free. Alternatives to soy foods, nightshades and nuts can be provided just check in with me when you start the program to personalise your plan. If you have other sensitivities, contact me and we’ll see if it’s a fit for you.

What If I follow a Paleo diet?

Since Plant Power Weight Loss includes healthy whole grains, beans, lentils and fruit, someone following a strict Paleo diet may find that the plan does not work for them. Since most people on a Paleo diet are looking to lose and maintain weight loss, I would still encourage you to give it a try. Unfortunately, plant-based plans are often devalued or made to seem unhealthy in the Paleo community—nothing can be further from the truth.

Can I do this program if I’m highly athletic or exercise a lot?

Definately! This program works incredibly well for athletes. Depending on workout regimens, PPWL smoothies, with the addition of protein powder, may be recommended following workouts to promote muscle health and repair. Check in with me during the program for more guidelines.

I'm on a vegan diet, what will I get out of this program?

Now that I know you're vegan I know what you don't eat but I don't know what you do eat. In terms of your health there's a right way and a wrong way to do veganism. If you don't feel like you are thriving on your current vegan diet you may need this program to teach you how to get all of your nutrients from plant foods so that you too can thrive.

How much time do I need to spend?

Spend just 10 minutes each day soaking up the jaw-dropping course content. All meal plans and shopping lists are provided for you to implement at your leisure.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes! You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy for any reason within 14 days you'll get a full refund, no questions.

How do I know if PPWL isn’t right for me?

Plant Powered Weight Loss isn't perfect for everyone. If you're looking for a short term 'fix', are unwilling to look at your lifestyle in a completely new light, and/or think success happens without conscious effort, this may not be the program for you.

What about my family?

As a wife and mother of three children, I know the flexibility required when cooking for more than just yourself. For families willing to transition with you, the recipes I provide are safe for both adults and children. I simply suggest implementing small changes for kids. For family members not on board, I suggest making a core meal from the recipes, then adding chicken or fish that has been cooked separately.

Why plant-based?

You may know that people following plant-based diets tend to weigh less, have lower rates of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and various cancers, but you may not know that people eating plant-based diets also have greater cancer survival rates, better skin, more energy, faster resting metabolisms (burning 300 more calories on average each day) and actually have greater life expectancies.

Diets haven’t worked for me before, how is this different?

This is only a “diet” in the sense that the foods you’ll be eating promote toxin release and cell rejuvenation. You won’t feel deprived of food, as is the case with many diets, and this program is not meant to be short-term, but rather the jumpstart you’ve been looking for to springboard your way into a healthier you. Our goal is to guide you through the 8 weeks so you can make lifestyle and diet changes that you’ll stick with long-term.

What if I’m on a low/no sugar diet?

If you’re on a strict no sugar diet, please keep in mind that this program includes recipes with fruit, dried fruit, dates, whole grains and some maple syrup. However, because it is low in overall sugar and rich in whole foods, people feel immense benefits.

I have a tight grocery budget. Will I be able to do this?

Grocery costs will vary depending on your location. The initial setup may be more than you’re used to depending on how well-stocked your spices and staples are. But keep in mind that you won’t be spending on take-out, restaurants, fast food or your standard weekly grocery bill! People actually report spending LESS on their meals and lifestyle bills overall. In the program I'll cover many cost-saving tips for buying in bulk and shopping online.

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Here's what other participants are saying.....

“I was hesitant initially. I thought I should be able to do this on my own. I have to say that this has been one of the BEST investments of my life. Not just money, but the time to learn to shop, cook, and take time for myself. And, the support, knowledge and passion of Lorna was invaluable!”

Julie M. 

“I am blown away by how delicious and fulfilling a plant-based diet can be. I had digestive issues for many years and was carrying an extra 20lbs. This diet FIXED my digestive issues and I'm now at my ideal weight. I know this new way of living will help me achieve a healthy, long life.”  

Tara S. 

Fact: Fewer than 2 out of 100 people who successfully lose weight through dieting keep it off for the rest of their lives.

Beat the statistic, ditch the weekly subscription, and forget the fear of "falling off the wagon." 

Join Plant Powered Weight Loss Now -->

Got questions? Join the chat or email hello@lornamccormack.com and I'll get back to you in no time.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting. You want change, make some.”

- Courtney C. Stevens