3 Month Transformation Program

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3 Month Transformation Program


This is a 3 month program designed to give you all the support and coaching you need to implement dietary and lifestyle changes.  You will receive step-by-step dietary advise and use real food and herbs to detox the body.

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Month 1: Colon cleanse: using real food and superfoods to support the function of the large intestine for super regular bowel movement. 

Month 2: Kidney & Liver detox: using real food, superfoods, and select supplements, one week would focus on supporting Phase 1 kidney detox, followed by Phase 2 liver detox.

Month 3: Adrenal & thyroid balancing: (if symptoms present) or Gut rehabilitation: a major gut rehabilitation protocol using select pro & prebiotic foods, supplements and fermented foods. The functioning of your gut is linked to your total well being. 

What's included?  3 x 60 minute consultations

PLUS Full access my to private membership site with 33 lessons, 33+ videos and over 40 recipes. 

How much does it cost? €180

Where?  My clinic, online video call or over the telephone.  

How Do I Book A Consultation?

Choose from the 3 options above.  Click on the button to add the product to your cart.  Click on purchase, enter your payment details & choose buy now.  Then you will be given access to my calendar where you can choose the time that suits you best.